Friday, February 15th, 2019


avatarJenn has an excellent eye for detail, but it's her attention to the overall details that make her such an outstanding journalist. While her sense of how to approach an assignment is quite sharp, her flexibility has enabled her to capture even better stories as they unfold. That's sometimes difficult to do for a pure writer or photographer, but her marketing background gives her a bigger picture perspective that makes it look easy. She's thoughtful and well prepared, is hard-working, yet easy-going, and has a smooth writing style that lends itself to effective storytelling, especially with people features. I consistently hear from her subjects, "She was so great to work with." My feelings exactly.

Bill Macfadyen, Founder & Publisher
avatarKennedy has put together a remarkable portfolio of architect profiles (including great visuals of their work) that lifts the veil on this noble profession. We learn that being a successful architect means blending inspiration and art with sophisticated business acumen. These fascinating people find their "niche" by understanding their strengths and playing to them. It's a great read for entrepreneurs from all fields. Beautifully written and designed, Kennedy brings us into this unique world and, as a bonus, shows us how to publish well.

Emily Heckman

This is THE book to buy if you are an architect, designer, or other creative person thinking about starting your own company or growing your existing company to the next level. It gives specific information on how to succeed on the BUSINESS (read: financial) side of the field.

Elisa Garcia
Garcia Architects
avatarSuccess by Design beautifully fills an important niche. As an educator, I see that professional schools - whether architecture, design, law, medicine, or any other - tend to do a great job of teaching students how to a great job. But most schools do not provide much in the way of helping their graduates understand how to run a successful business. This book is a must read for any aspiring architect or other professional. The stories of the 25 architects -- all business owners -- are inspiring and provide perspectives on how to build a practice. The book is timely too; the stories show how these architects were able to weather bad business cycles. Their stories would be compelling and instructive for any young professional who wants to read about the wide ranging varieties of ways the successful architects made their way up through their profession. The book is beautiful and a thoughtful treatment of the careers of its subjects.

Georgene Vairo, Professor of Law
Loyola Law School
avatarBeautifully shot and a perfect tool if you are starting a business, or need to be newly inspired -- this smartly-selected group of architects will do just that. Down to earth, to the point...anyone interested in architecture and design will appreciate --and should have-- this book.

Julie DuBrow
PR & Marketing
avatarThis offers great insight from some of the best architects in California. Jenn has done a wonderful job introducing us to a diverse group of successful professionals. I recommend this book to anyone that loves art or is inspired by the dreams of others.

Sue Fleming

Success By Design is amazing. I actually read it in one sitting, and I teach professional practice at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. This book, which includes the successes of both small and large firms as well as  service-based or design-based firms, sets such a wonderful precedent for my students. I’ve always admired  the architects in the book, and it was equally rewarding to read each story. I want to thank Jenn for her amazing contribution to professional practice scholarship.

W. Geoff Gjertson, Professor at UL, Layfayette
University of Louisiana, Layfayette School of Architecture