Friday, February 15th, 2019

Many architects have a blind spot when it comes to business. They want to design, to draft, to tinker in a studio. Once in the field, they soon realize if they hope to rise up the ranks or open their own firm, they have to develop leadership skills and a sense of business. Deepika Padam […]

Ray Kappe is unusually humble considering the vast contributions he’s made to architecture. During our interview, he denied being an academic, meanwhile he founded the now-thriving architecture programs at Cal Poly Pomona and SCI-Arc, the latter of which he started with funds out of his own pocket. He shrugs when I call him successful, and […]

Architecture press is buzzing with recent Bureau of Labor Statistics reports on unemployment and self-employment figures for those in the architecture field. The media have taken this data and made a plentitude of fearful predictions about the dark future of the architecture profession: there are more too many graduates, seemingly few positions, higher educational requirements […]

  While architects have the talent for interpreting a client’s needs into a physical building, sharing their magic and vision, isn’t always the easiest next step.  With any client, the first step always is to DEFINE THE GOALS, the TARGET and your key MESSAGE.  Start by asking yourself a lot of the same questions you […]

Starting an architectural firm is far easier than sustaining an architectural firm.  Yet, it is still not a simple task to break out on your own.  Many people dream of ditching their jobs, hanging their shingle, and being an entrepreneur.  Once you finally become licensed, you can call yourself an Architect and accept projects.  But how do […]

The recession came and…stayed. It rocked companies of all sizes and all industries. The construction industry is always affected during market slowdowns, as companies tend to pull back on expansion plans and homeowners tighten their belts as their stock portfolios constrict. There is a silver lining, however. It’s a time for company heads to strategize, […]