Friday, February 15th, 2019

  For many students, graduation is just around the corner.  As you approach graduation and ponder your future career path, do you still wish to become an architect?  When your family, friends, faculty, or even prospective employer inquire about your career goals, what do you share?  Do you quickly outline your path as one of […]

Disaster stories in construction abound: unfinished homes and buildings, blown budgets, lawsuits and contractors fleeing the state.  True story: a potential client came to me after receiving an anonymous packet on their front doorstep after they had hired a contractor, containing 200 pages of his nefarious crimes: his restraining orders, lawsuits and judgments – why […]

The key to being memorable in the architecture profession, beyond having superb projects and a strong sizzle reel, is an original brand identity. This includes having an artful logo that really defines what you do, a highly sophisticated website designed by a branding firm with serious, in-depth experience in the design arena, and the development […]