Friday, February 15th, 2019

Many architects have a blind spot when it comes to business. They want to design, to draft, to tinker in a studio. Once in the field, they soon realize if they hope to rise up the ranks or open their own firm, they have to develop leadership skills and a sense of business. Deepika Padam […]

Over the past year, my co-author and I interviewed and surveyed hundreds of professionals in architecture, engineering and related industries about social media for our book, “Social Media in Action”. Based on our research, we came up with five myths that are either preventing firms from diving into social media or are keeping them from […]

Where’s the Architecture? We know that recent architecture graduates are struggling in today’s economy. We also know, but don’t like to admit, that even in the best of times there are too many architects and not enough projects. The role of an architect is to design buildings, and yet we aren’t involved in the vast […]