Friday, February 15th, 2019


Top Architecture Blogs
1. A Daily Dose of Architecture: Written by John Hill, a New York City resident, architecture student and blogger.
2. BLDGBLOG: Written by Archinect team member, writer and editor for DWELL magazine Geoff Manaugh, with tidbits on design, architecture and landscape design.
3. a456: Nice density of architecture theory and history, written by Enrique Ramirez, a Ph.D. student in History and Theory of Architecture at Princeton.
4. Archinect: This site is more of a go-to point that converges a number of architecture school blogs that are worth looking through. Also has job and design competition postings for you seekers out there.
5. Death By Architecture: Run by a small team of designers who say Death By Architecture is “an understatement.” Lots of information on competitions, as the title suggests. Interactive calendar, too. (Personally, I would love to sport the T-square through the heart t-shirt…)
6. Inhabitat: Always informative, always pithy, a valuable news resource on green design.
7. Interactive Architecture: Maintained by Diploma thesis tutor Ruairi Glynn as a place to collect ideas about integrating interactivity into architecture.
8. Pruned: This blog focuses on the role of landscape in design and is written by landscape architect Alexander Trevi.
9. Architecture + Morality: A civil engineer, an architect and a pastor and their musings on the connections between architecture, politics, economics and religion.

Architecture News

10. ArchNewsNow: Good site for architecture news from around the world. Sign up for their newsletter for daily updates.
11. Architecture Planet: This site collects architecture-related news from sites all over the world.
12. Modern Architecture Design News: Huge list of topics and current news.
13. Architecture Lab: Informative and well-organized online magazine with the latest in architecture news.

Green Building Resources

14. BLYGAD: Translating into “Blog Like You Give a Damn,” is written by Colin Kloecker for the Architecture for Humanity in Minnesota, and focuses on creating sustainable architecture on a global scale.
15. Earth Architecture: One of my favourites, this site is a great resource on sustainable earth architecture happenings worldwide.
16. Eco Tecture: Information on green build projects in large cities like Chicago, New York and London.
17. greenbuildingsNYC: This blog covers news on the latest green buildings in NYC.

Architectural Photography (gotta see it to believe it, right?)
18. URBANPHOTO: This photo-blog has images of urban spaces, buildings and people from all over the world.
19. Offbeat Homes: Quirky homes get their fifteen minutes!

Landscape Architecture Resources
20. Free Soil: Nifty-as-heck site where you’ll find ideas about effective and sustainable landscape design, organized by topic.
21. Land + Living: Latest news on landscape design issues.
22. The Dirt: News blog by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

General Resources
23. Center for Universal Design: This site provides information on the “principles of universal design” to help designer create buildings that are accessible as possible.
24. ArtLex Dictionary of Visual Art: Simple site that lets you brush up on thousands of art and architecture terms and their definitions.
25. TechStreet: Building and safety codes may not be exciting fare to read, but necessary if you actually want to build something. Find what you need here.
26. Architype Review: Site organized by information on various building typologies; there’s a discussion forum, and can be a good place to comb through to generate ideas on new building types.
27. Great Buildings: From the pyramids of Giza to more recent masterworks, you can find great buildings from anytime and anywhere on this site.
28. ArchINFORM: Here you’ll find a huge online database of architects and buildings which has been described as one of the most useful architecture resources on the Internet.
29. High Rise Buildings Database: All about skyscrapers.
30. World Architects: Profiles of architects, firms from New York, Germany, Austria, Mexico, China, Japan and more – covering 14 countries and then their sub-regions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 31. Solar Alliance: Serves to educate consumers and provide them with opportunities to get involved with solar. This link includes a petition, a blog full of informative articles and location-specific solar infographics.
32. Review Lab: Ultimate Guide to Green Home Resources to help you reduce your home’s level of waste and carbon while still maintaining squeaky-clean floors and bright lights.